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Height: 6 ft. 1 in., Weight: 200 lbs., Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes

Union Status: AFTRA, SAG

A Beautiful Disaster Dir. Jessi Tome Tome Productions
Green Dir. Boris Schaarschmidt The Green Team Productions
One Minute Dir. Dutch Merrick Another Way Produtions
Hot Tamale Dir. Michael Damian Hot Tamale Productions
Friday Night Lights Dir. Peter Berg Universal Pictures
Dog Watch Dir. John Langley Barbour/Langley Productions
The Paper Dir. Ron Howard Imagine Films
Betsy's Bedding Dir. Alan Alda Bregman-Stoller Productions
A Shock To The System Dir. Jan Egleson Brigand Pictures Inc.
Last Exit To Brooklyn Dir. Uli Edel Constantine Film Production
Dream Team Dir. Howard Zeis Universal Pictures
White Hot Dir. Robbie Benson Jubran Group
Las Vegas Jack Delacroix Dir. Tawnia McKiernan, NBC
LAX Guest Star Dir. Joe Russo, NBC Studios
Cold Case Co-Star Dir. Kevin Brey, WB
Without A Trace Co-Star Dir. Tim Busfield, WB
Party Of Five Co-Star Dir. Dan Curtis / Fox
Seventh Heaven Guest Star Dir. Bret Brinckerkoff / WB
Mysteries & Scandals Lead:Gig Young Dir. Lynn Morgan / E!
Law & Order Featured Dir. Don Scardino / NBC
Deep Space Nine Guest Star Dir.Rick Kolbe / UPN
Another World Recurring Dir. Various / NBC
Loving Recurring Dir. Various / ABC
One Life To Live Recurring Dir. Various / ABC
Movies of the Week
Taking the Heat Stunts Dir. Tom Mankiewicz, Showtime
Izzy & Moe Stunts Dir. Jackie Copper / CBS
Internal Affairs Stunts CBS
Only In New York Lead / Tommy West Bank Cafe Theatre, NYC
Stepping Stones Lead / Dan William Redfield Theatre, NYC.
Goodbye Lead / Dave William Redfield Theatre, NYC.
Casanova's Nightmare Lead / Casanova Producers Club Theatre, NYC.
Movie Of The Month Lead / Braun Impact Theatre, NYC.
The Fraunces Tavern Plot Lead / Hickey Triplex Theatre, NYC.
Lone Star Lead / Roy Lincoln Center Aud., NYC.
Somewhere In New York Lead / Burglar Lincoln Center Aud., NYC.
Loves Audition Lead / Paul Lincoln Center Aud., NYC.
The King & I Sir Edward Ramsey Candlewood Playhouse, Ct.
Fiddlere On The Roof Russian Constable Candlewood Playhouse, Ct.

Special Skills
Sport Technical Advisor, Stunt Coordinator, Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Cycling, Football, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Snow Skiing, Softball, Stage Combat, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Martial Arts, Precision Driver, Stunts, British Accent, German Accent, New England Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Southern Accent

Technical Advisor to Allan Graf- Football (Feature Film: Friday Night Lights)


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